UPDATE: Progress Report 2017

During my annual trip I spent four intensive weeks with my co-workers from Ghana in the areas of Damongo and Tamale. Many ill and needy men and wommen came to us and asked for our help. These people are unable to afford medical insurance, medicine, doctor visits or even necessary operations. In addition, elderly men and women who cannot farm the land anymore needed our help to purchase groceries.

One of the focal points of our support is the payment of school fees for poor families with school age children. Many teenagers as well needed our help to finance their school fees, which we could only partially cover due to our limited resources.

Our main goal is to supply clean water to the local hospital and to the public. Upon arrival this year, the hospital was suffering from an acute deficiency of water. The solar powered wells were not supplying water due to technical difficulties; however, our technician was able to correct the problem quickly.

A second well had minimal water supply due to variations in the flow of electricity to the pump. The switch boxes at the public water distribution points had a defect. After cleaning the bore holes, the switch boxes and the pump were replaces. With the donations to our projects twelve additional hand water pumps could be repaired.

Hermann Putz
Missionskreis Kuchl

The following pictures show our work done this year and the people that we were able to help with your donations.