School Fees

The children often cannot go to the elementary school, because their parents are unable to pay for the school uniform and books. In the secondary and upper educational schools, the students must pay school dues, which their families often cannot afford. We are able to help some of these unfortunate children and young adults with a financial contribution, between € 100 (school uniform and books) to € 1,500 (school dues) per school year. For some, our financial support includes the cost of books, school room and board.

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At this time we are financially supporting a total of 40 students and school children. During 2014, one of our supported students completed his studies with honors. We have made it possible for four other students to begin their studies at the university.  The need for this support continues to grow. Financial resources are available for  one year at a time, however; university studies take 3 to 4 years.

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