Ghana (formerly “Goldcoast”) is a country in west Africa on the Ivory Coast. Its size is comparable to the United Kingdom ( Ghana = 238.533 km²). Volta lake is the largest lake in the country,as well as, one of the largest man-made dams in the world.


One of the most important raw materials is gold, hence the name “Gold Coast”. Accra, the largest city in Ghana, is the nation`s capital, where the seat of the government is located. The language diversity in Ghana is quite broad, more than 100 languages or tribal dialects are spoken. However, the official language is english. The national holiday is on the sixth of March.


Climate: Ghana is a tropical land, which knows no real seasons, except the change between rainy and dry seasons. The daylight hours are as long as the dark nights and this determines life’s daily activities.

Diseases: Malaria,Tuberculosis, Yellow Fever and Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B are some of the more common diseases. The Guinea Worm, Bilharziosis (parasite found in contaminated water) and Polio are also a serious problem in Ghana. In 1974, nearly 75 percent all of illnesses were a direct result of contact with dirty water, while 40 percent of all hospitalizations were related to Malaria. Malaria is also responsible for one fourth of the child mortality rate.

Foods: Whatever the land has to offer, which can be eaten, it finds its way into Ghana’s kitchens. Game, hunted in the bush, is also an important part of the diet in Ghana, as well as beef, poultry, sheep and goat meat. Fish and vegetables are favourite ingredients of rice and noodle dishes.

Sport: Founded in 1952, the Ghana Olympic Committee is responsible for the organization of sports in Ghana. The national sport is soccer. Ghana’s national soccer team has won the African Championship four times. For the first time in 2006, the team took part in the World Soccer Cup.

The flag: The national flag of Ghana was instituted in 1957. The color of red stands for the bloodshed in the fight for freedom, yellow for gold, the wealth of the land, and green for its forests and fields.