Water for Hospital

Water for the West Gonja Hospital in Damongo

The West Gonja hospital is managed by by the diocese of Damongo and is the only hospital within a radius of 130km. The hospital management has come forward and has requested our help to correct the desolate condition of the water supply in the hospital. The well water pump is damaged and needs to be replaced. The water lines from the high-level water tank running to hospital buildings have leaks. In a single day, nearly 6m³ of water are lost, seeping away back into the earth. A hospital with a lack of sufficient water has a serious health issue at Hand.

Project Description:
Installation of new water lines to the various buildings
Installation of a new water pump
Re-activation of a still well and the installation of a water pump
Installation of a water level regulator in the high-level water tank
Installation of new power lines

Timeframe of Project:  October 2010 – June 2012
The hosptial and the surrounding homes have sufficient, good clean water.