Hand Wells

Hand Wells for the Villages near Limbisi (Wawato and Grubagu)

These villages are located in the Gonja district near the Mole national park, approximately 18-25 km away from Daboya. This village is known for its hand-woven textiles. Also the river “White Volta” flows nearby. During the rainy season this area is not accessible by car and during droughts or the summer it is also very difficult to reach. From Tamale it is only possible by boat.

The biggest difficulty was getting the drilling equipment into this area to drill the bore holes. This is most likely the reason why many villages do not have clean water. The drilling costs are also quite high. The first drilling company could not reach these villages with their vehicles. The second attempt of another company was successful.

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C D P1040150 Limbisi                 C P1000162 Limbisi

The first bore hole was possible in 2013, seven more followed.  In appreciation for our work, we were
presented with a special gift.

The Missionskreis sincerely thanks its sponsors: the Austrian “Dreikönigs-Aktion”,
the family Wenger from Kuchl and the township of Kuchl, Austria.