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The technical planning and administration was carried out by Dipl.-HTL-Ing. Josef Pichler (Masters degree in Engineering). This project is sponsored in part (25% ) by the Austrian Development Association.


The West Gonja Hospital is administrated by the diocese of Damongo. It is the only hospital within a radius of 130 km. The district of West Gonja is one of the poorest areas of Ghana. The buildings of the hospital are connected to the public electricity network, which is very unstable. The electrical power supply breaks down several hours a day and is also shut down every fifth day from 18:00 to 6:00.

Technical Details:

For the buildings, which we constructed in a previous project, we salvaged used parts from old solar power installations. For the charging actuator and the inverter, a new electronic system was installed. All used materials were recycled and perform very well now. The wiring was completely redone. The batteries are new solar batteries, which were purchased from a local contractor. What we could acquire in the village, we bought in the village.


Installation for the operating room (2007)

The following hospital stations were equipped with solar powered electricity: Lab: 24 used AEG panels, output of 720W, in isolated operation, battery 200 Ah, including one used Siemens panel for the refrigerator where medicine is stored.

Maternity Ward: 8 used Siemens panels, output of 440W, in isolated operation, battery 200 Ah Operating Room: 16 used Siemens panels, output of 880W, in net, battery 200 Ah, supplies excess into the hospital network. For 2008, installation is planned in the children’s Station.

                              Solar4    kinderstation

Installation of the solar panels for the childrens’ ward (2008)

                                                        solar-install2008.5             solar-install2008.1 solar-install2008.4

For the laboratory installation (2006)