Update on our projects 2021

Water Project Diocese of Damongo
We were able to secure the water supply for a girls’ school with boarding school and the hospital in Damongo again this year. The unstable electricity network caused us difficulties. As a result, pumps were damaged and had to be replaced. By repairing hand pumps, some villages continue to be supplied with drinking water.

Help for the sick, disabled and pregnant women
We have set up an account at the hospital in Damongo. It is managed by a nun. This money can be used to help people who cannot afford the medication, the doctor, or hospital stay. Also, health insurances have been extended. Unfortunately, the sick often come to the hospital too late and have no chance of survival.

Our latest project is help for the maternity ward in Nakwabi. This is located in a rural area and is run by nuns. It is mainly the poorer women who come. We support the sisters financially in their difficult work. The women and children are also offered vaccinations, examinations or help with malnutrition after delivery. For the hospital in Damongo and Bole, we bought an ECG machine, an ultrasound machine and a chemistry analyzer.

Food Aid
This year 36 bags of corn were distributed among needy and old people. The corn was purchased from local farmers.

School Fees
Through your help we were able to pay the school fees for 50 students again this year. In some cases, the boarding school fees have to be paid as well, because the parents are not able to raise the financial means.

Small Loans
At the moment 220 women receive a small loan. It amounts to about € 60 per person. With this money some women cultivate their fields, others produce soap, sell rice or have a small grocery store in their house. With the profit they make they are able to cover the basic needs of their families. They are also able to send their children to elementary school.